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​We create tech that connects humanity.

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We are constantly thinking about

warm technology that thinks of humanity and the earth.

rgblab is a company that develops technology

for a safe and prosperous life for humans.

Recently, as the need for non-face-to-face technology increases, autonomous unmanned systems that can replace humans in various fields such as logistics, disaster safety,

and exploration are attracting attention.

​We are helping customers implement unmanned services through mission computers, which are the brains of autonomous unmanned systems, and software platforms that can utilize them.

- CEO Kim Yong-deok (Alex KIM) 

Our Story

Established in 2015, when the unmanned mobile industry was in its infancy, rgblab is growing rapidly, attracting investment, collaborating with various companies, sales performance, and achieving overseas exports through continuous research and development and product commercialization. .


Take off

'23. 06 Commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT

'23. 04 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Drone Demonstration City Construction Contest Selected

'23. 03 Relocated the rgblab building

'23. 02 arion platform overseas export (USA)

'22. 12 Awarded a commendation from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy

'22. 10 Acquired Innobiz Grade A, professional research business certification

'22. 09 Acquisition of Ijo AMC (development and mass production of industrial motor parts)

'22. 01 Acquired Management Innovation Small and Medium Business (Mainbiz) certification

'22. 01 Official launch of mobile edge computer arion IMC

'21. 12 Succeeded in attracting 500 million KRW of pre-A seed investment

'21. 10 Acquired special flight approval for unmanned aerial vehicles

'21. 09 Selected as a Free Star Company by Daegu Metropolitan City

'21. 05 Selected as drone regulation sandbox operator by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

'21. 02 Selected as 200 software high-growth club by the Ministry of Science and ICT



'20. 12 Established Gyeongbuk and Gyeongnam branches to expand unmanned vehicle business

'20. 06 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy AI Drone Utilization Urban Heat Pipe, Road Surface Inspection Service Demonstration Special Case Acquisition

'20. 04 Selected as drone regulation sandbox operator by Aviation Safety Technology Institute

'20. 02 Nevada State University (UNLV) drone utilization service business agreement

'19. 06 Korea Land, Transport, Science and Technology Promotion Agency Development of a drone platform for responding to forest fires

'19. 06 Selected as a start-up leap package support project by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

'19. 04 Development and demonstration of underground heating pipe patrol drone system

'19. 02 Success in attracting crowdfunding investment

'18. 04 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Emergency Disaster Area Special Drone Platform Development


Start up

'17. 12 Daegu Gyeongbuk Venture Small and Medium Business Festival Bronze Award

'17. 07 Acquired venture certification from Small and Medium Business Corporation

'17. 03 Small and Medium Business Corporation Youth Entrepreneurship Academy selected for the 7th class (additional course)

'16. 08 Selected as an excellent product by the Small and Medium Business Corporation Youth Entrepreneurship Academy

'16. 03 Development of guided weapon drone flight algorithm by Defense Science Research Institute

'16. 01 Doosan Mobility Innovation hydrogen fuel cell drone mission computer development

'15. 10 Selected as an excellent startup item at the Entrepreneurship Angel Investment Forum

'15. 05 Selected as the 5th Youth Entrepreneurship Academy by the Small and Medium Business Corporation

'15. 05 Establishment of Rainbow Research Institute, Inc.

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