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Unmanned mobility integrated
AI control & monitoring platform

arion CROP asset 3_3x.png
arion CROP asset 3_3x.png
arion CROP asset 3_3x.png
               is a core platform for long-range beyond-visual-line-of-sight operations of all unmanned systems, including drones, robots, CCTV, and autonomous vehicles.
arion CROP asset 3_3x.png

It breathes life into various unmanned systems, empowering them to autonomously perform missions. It has been developed to enable the implementation of unmanned services in diverse fields such as safety surveillance, logistics delivery, disaster management, environmental monitoring, firefighting, transportation, military, and security.

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How arion works?

arion UMV (Unmanned Mobility Vehicle) equipped with arion IMC can be remotely controlled and monitored through arion GCS. Multiple arion UMVs can be managed and controlled through arion CTW. Additionally, by installing arion VUE, monitoring of arion UMVs is possible even on mobile devices. The collected big data (such as travel records, photos, location, sensor data, etc.) during flights can be accessed and viewed through arion HUB.

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​Artificial Intelligence
Edge Computer

arion IMC is fully compatible with the open development platform for unmanned systems, Pixhawk (ArduPilot software). It can be connected to cameras for AI-based image processing, and real-time video transmission is possible through LTE/5G communication modems. It is designed with standard interfaces for seamless integration with various sensors, ensuring high scalability.

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gcslogo자산 4_4x.png

Remote Control Software

Anyone, anytime, and anywhere with network connectivity can remotely control and monitor unmanned mobility with just a click of a button. Only authorized users can access arion UMV, and all data is encrypted to enhance security.

gcsspec자산 5_4x.png
HUBICON자산 6_4x.png

Big data Storage Cloud

Through arion CTW, real-time integrated monitoring of all currently active UMVs is possible. It supports multi-vision, allowing for detailed monitoring of data received from each UMV (such as cameras, sensors, etc.).

HUBPRODUCT자산 7_4x.png
CTWLOGO자산 11_4x.png

Multiple Monitoring Solution

Through arion CTW, real-time integrated monitoring of all currently active UMVs is possible. It supports multi-vision, allowing for detailed monitoring of data received from each UMV (such as cameras, sensors, etc.).

gcsspec자산 5_4x.png
VUELOGO자산 15_4x.png

Monitoring application

By installing the application on a portable mobile phone or tablet, you can access the status of Arion UMV, view location data, engage in real-time video streaming, capture photos, and record videos.

VUESPEC자산 16_4x.png

Reasons to choose arion?

​arion's main features

Interoperability Asset 1_2x.png


- Compatible with various unmanned systems and mission equipment
- Login for authorized users only & Sharing of unmanned systems among users
- Monitoring and control using software

Remote control asset 2_2x.png

​Remote Control

- 1:1 communication
- Dual communication system for handling communication disruptions (Short-range RF, long-range LTE)
- Ability to perform beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights using a USB controller in areas where remote control is limited by the range

finger asset 7_2x.png


- Convenient and intuitive UX/UI
- Integrated package for unmanned systems implementation

secu asset 1_4x.png


- Multiple demonstration and flight tests have been conducted to prove the stability of both hardware and software. arion has successfully provided services to unmanned system companies and operated platforms. Additionally, Arion has obtained KC certification and achieved GS1 grade.

ai asset 3_2x.png

​Artificial Intelligence (AI)

- AI Object Recognition
- AI Object Tracking
- Collection and analysis of big data

ctw asset 6_2x.png


- 1:N integrated monitoring and surveillance
- Capable of monitoring up to 2 cameras such as fpv, gimbal, etc.
- Capability to monitor and control various unmanned systems such as drones, robots, and CCTV

drone delivery asset 11_2x.png


- Enables various services such as delivery, security, and facility inspection

medal asset 2_4x.png


- The first integrated platform for unmanned systems with AI-powered control capabilities in Korea

Big data asset 5_2x.png

Big Data

- Recording and capturing of videos supported directly from GCS without any additional equipment
- Automatic uploading of flight logs
- Providing flight history in documents and statistics

lock asset 8_2x.png


-Only authorized users can log in

​-Drone and video data encryption transmission

connect asset 10_2x.png


- Through arion GCS, integration with third-party GCS platforms (such as Mission Planner and QGroundControl) is possible.

1s asset 3_4x.png

sub-second latency

- Real-time video streaming with less than sub-second latency
- Option to select desired resolution among VGA/HD/FHD/4K

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